GreenPin is a fictitious Digital Native Vertical Brand (DGVB) and concept lifestyle WebApp.

"Coming from the conclusion that we can't possibly rely on meat-based diets when we're close to eight billion humans, we need to find alternatives. But change is hard, we get it. You lived your whole life eating steak without question. Yet, you're ready now. And we're here to help."
- GreenPin's mission statement

As an individual, the most effective ways to limit our carbon footprint are often tied to food consumption. Reducing or eliminating meat is one of them. However, it’s not easy chasing lifelong habits, nor finding the right alternatives. Based on this observation was born GreenPin, a progressive WebApp that provides suitable alternatives and helps adopt new habits, by providing a list of seasonal products, where to buy them locally, and how to cook them with ease.

By connecting people with local grocery shops and producers, and by giving them the tools to improve with weekly recipes, monthly fruits & vegetables updates, reviews, and more, GreenPin transforms whoever is willing to change for the better.

key attributes

  • Accessible
  • Sustainable
  • Educative
  • Empowering

My process

Once we know what's the business mission, we need to establish personas. They will help us define our goals, the strategy to adopt, the tone to take, and prioritize the development phase.


For the sake of accessibility and inclusiveness, it needs to be a brand that speaks to the newcomer, as well as the veteran in search of novelty.

Now that we now a bit better who we are speaking to, it's time to put every piece together into a timeless and distinct logo. It will set the visual language and guide us as we develop the visual language. It all begins with rough sketches

Once that part is done, I moved on to creating the brand (eco)bible. Here are a few spreads:

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