Transforming Dancetelevision Pro services


DanceTelevision, formerly known as DanceTrippin TV, is a media platform dedicated to Electronic Music. For close to 20 years, they have been broadcasting Dance Culture for close to 6M fans worldwide through social media, TV and their web app. Following their rebranding strategy, they needed to rethink their strategy for their distribution services dedicated to artists, events, brands, and creators. They also offer a DT Pro Publisher subscription, that would only be available if you were to contact them directly, missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Prior to our work together, they would handle all that aspect of the service via email or call. As you can imagine, things can quickly go out of hands with this scenario.


A B2B focused website with all the information one can look for, displaying clearly the services, prices, and allowing them to directly get their user-generated content or new subscribers via forms. With a poor visual identity that had never seen proper work, but no budget available, the creation of this website would also act as foundational guidelines for the brand. Even with limited means, we managed to create a simple yet beautiful and functional website, that drived conversion up drastically.

Stylescape that helped us communicate the direction we chose for this specific website.
A simple document to overview typography, colors, layout, iconography and more.

Here the important part was to display, as soon as the homepage, the metrics that would be pertinent to the reader. As an artist looking to develop your audience, your main focus lies in knowing exactly what you will get from your investment. We made it easy to scan through, with a clear and simple hierarchy. A portal to all DT's sub-brands were created, allowing the user to dive deeper into the cluster and find precisely its target audience, before even reaching out to the team.

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