Unmask Studios

"Instead of fitting in, let's create our own spot!"

As I started my third year of Design studies in distance learning, we decided with a couple of friends to join forces and create Unmask. It was destined at first to be nothing more than three freelancers under one flag. Wwhile my two partners worked on marketing and web strategies, I would take care of the design aspect and correlating everything.

Together we forged a strong alliance that helped international brands in their communication effectively. We don't operate anymore under that name, as we are focusing on different projects.

Branding elements of Unmask

Creating an identity for yourself can be challenging.

Too focused on wanting to achieve perfection, we spent a month reviewing back and forth our logo. The custom emblem was giving me trouble at very small scale, so I came up with a solution. Instead of denaturing the logo - which was fine and legible down to 60px wide - I created the 'pictomasks'. Those mask, directly carved from the word mark, were our visual representation, and worked perfectly even at 24px, due to their simplicity.

Those were my business cards. Quite nice no?
A clean and easy-to-use website to showcase our best work came to life a couple month down the road, after a few successful projects.

Establishing values.

One thing was for sure, if we were doing this, we would do it right. We were here to provide value not only to businesses, but also to the world. So we came up with our core values, that were dear to what we were, and what we stand for.

I decided to turn our core values into a series of poster, to give them another dimension.

Thanks for reading.

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